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Going Live with NetSuite in 100 Days

How long does it take to implement ERP?

NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP has a program to go live in merely 100 days. You can find more branding about SuiteSuccess on NetSuite’s site however, the notion of a fast-tracked implementation has been around for some time. This blog explores the concept of delivering incremental value for brands and wholesalers using the SuiteSuccess implementation methodology.

To be clear, rapid implementations aren’t for everyone. When an ERP application spans across an entire organization, the amount of data and business processes warrants significant time to implement. The notion that smaller companies can be implemented quickly is yet another mystery. In the same way that a company may be uncertain to define their technology footprint (medium or large), we explore the ability to implement functionality in phases that allow for quick wins and scalable returns on investment.

From the start, we include certified NetSuite ERP consultants within the sales process. This means that the same people who craft your solution, are the ones who later deliver it! Including senior talent within the sales process provides a framework for successful project planning. This also eliminates communication misgivings from demo to project kickoff. The net-net of this approach is that your evaluation and feedback during the sales process can refine a more accurate project plan, and resulting budget. Further to this, good consultants typically have careers that contribute to your industry’s best practices and can provide credibility to this ASAP.

Now that the right people are involved, they’re also listening to you! We provide a Value Chain Assessment, which collaborates feedback from multiple interviews and prioritizes implementing functionality according to your business needs.

Industry-specific best practices, pre-configured dash boards and out-of-the-box operational reports provide significant efficiency throughout your evaluation and planning process. Customers seeking a quick value by way of a SuiteSuccess implementations must be willing to refrain from extensive customization within those first 100 days and instead, plan for subsequent phases to the project.

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