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Liberty Fairs Fashion Show (August 17 – 19), Sans Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada

digad solutions and be one solutions have received an overwhelming response while exhibiting at Liberty Fairs Fashion Show in Las Vegas. We’ve defined right fit for fashion apparel companies in our signature ApparelAD ERP solution, using the global SAP Business One platform. Show attendees and brand exhibitors overcame skepticism that brands, wholesalers and retailers of all sizes can now afford a global, enterprise solution provided by SAP’s Amazon cloud hosting.

ApparelAD ERP is a concept-to-cash enterprise software solution, available as a traditional on-premise install or as an affordable cloud offering. The SAP Business One solution is backed by the success of 88,000 small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), 12,200 of which are retail customers and 20+ years of knowledge from global apparel companies running on SAP. The ability for small companies to afford this platform and scale to support dynamic growth from season to season is invaluable to the industry.

Every brand has their production processes. Dr. David Smith, be one solutions Americas Vice President – Head of Solutions Architecture and Anita Christofferson, digad’s Founder and System Architect, met with brands who were just starting out and would use the production platform to build tech packs, release materials to factories and outsource some or all of their production. Other, more mature brands looked at the in-house manufacturing capabilities; an extended feature of the SAP Business One platform used in more than 50 countries. Remote sales and vendor communications using ApparelAD’s remote portal interface, transact real-time data from the system to offsite locations for showroom and global collaboration.

“We surprised our audience by offering a full concept-to-cash solution; on a single platform at a competitive cost that can be quickly implemented between seasons,” says digad’s founder, Anita Christofferson. “Because we first reached out to industry executives to confirm their system requirements, we were able to demonstrate exactly how it all comes together on our award-winning, SAP Business One platform! It was a great experience furthering the conversation with our target audience; emerging brands, often manufactured in the USA, who need fully integrated eCommerce, retail, and wholesale distribution channels.”

Retailers and wholesalers are managing a number of platforms to optimize sales. ApparalAD ERP confirmed their suspicions that a single platform could centralize inventory, facilitate creativity and collaboration between sales and design teams; connecting multiple sales channels to a global supply chain.

digad solutions is a SAP Extended Business Member, based in Summit, NJ with local and global resources to implement SAP Business One solutions for apparel and footwear companies. Our industry solutions are designed using digad’s System Blueprint Process to identify and prioritize the needs of People, Processes and System Configuration for fashion apparel companies of all sizes.

be one solutions is digad’s global SAP VAR with offices in Germany, France, Japan, Hong-Kong, China, Brazil and the United States. Their team’s experience covers successful implementations in over 50 countries and more than 160 sites, guarantying a reputation as a proven and trusted leader in the market.

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