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Business Process Consulting

How do you know what is and isn’t working across your infrastructure? After years of growth and purchasing new systems most companies are unsure as to how to manage what seems to be an overpriced infrastructure. digad’s business process consulting services examine how each department works amongst themselves and interacts with other departments. Our approach to untangling excessive infrastructure is to simplify business processes across the company, determine the needs to support management’s strategy and document a reporting structure that validates positive outcomes. Due to the nature of our solutions, we specialize in merging creativity and sales channels to the fundamentals of supply chain integration.

Business Process Assessment

Several organizations find themselves operating inefficiently due to typical expansion, fortunate acquisitions and an array of material events placated over time. For this reason digad’s standard engagement model offers some level of Business Process Assessment at the onset of every client relationship. Conversations with executives and departmental managers search for the company’s goals, productivity challenges and understanding of the company’s technology. Recommendations to reconfigure existing systems and/or bring in new products are unique to every client’s people, processes and technology.

Upon meeting with managers from each department, we’re able to better assess the company’s talent pool and daily workflow activities. While some organizations are afraid of change, other may respond favorably and provide a supportive framework for new projects. Recognizing risks and outlining a change management plan is critical to the success of proposed projects.

Order Entry

Today’s sales teams can choose from an array of CRM tools that understand field sales reps. Despite this huge advancement in technology, very few of these systems are properly integrated to their supply chain. Designing a solution that integrates ERP and eCommerce processes with a user friendly order entry tool is key quality data flow. We analyze order flow by segmenting client type, employee interaction and analyze the benefits of automation (or not). Based on our findings, we can decide how much of the existing systems we fix or consider the replacement alternatives.

In addition, we recognize the value of easily submitting sample orders with accurate pricing. Interfaces that promote creativity are integrated to Product Data Management (PDM) systems are key for sample order entry. We define a solution that understands the factory’s production processes and defines a tech pack based on a specific criteria. This templated approach allows for new styles to originate in the showroom and at trade shows while meeting with customers. The ability to generate a custom make-to-order (MTO) samples opens doors for new accounts to identify with your brand.

Sales Analytics

Today’s brands and retailers search for relationships between their clients, products and competitors. New business units and global sales initiatives require your marketing, sales and design professionals to interact on the same information. We streamline data sources across all aspects of your business to knock down barriers and facilitate an interactive conversation with brands, retailers and shoppers.

Strong sales analytics are valuable to more than just marketing and sales managers. KPIs integrate with product development, customer care, resource scheduling and production lines. digad’s consulting services promotes creativity and multiple sales channels to interact directly with your supply chain.

Digital Campaigns

Digital marketing tools are a great way to connect with your client however, they often lack the insight buried in day-to-day operations. Targeted marketing campaigns take control of the social media conversation to promote products, segment clients and analyze data generate new ideas.

When marketing tools are integrated to sales activities and order entry, data is richer and less time, money and effort is wasted on the wrong promotion. We segment your clients, refine market basket analysis and implement loyalty programs to enhance customer engagement programs and build a database of returning clients.


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