Blended Delivery - ERP Implementation, Custom Development

Blended Delivery

Does your ERP implementation need custom development? digad’s focus on business objectives is paramount to building a dynamic project plan. For solutions that require custom development, budget and resource constraints must to defined and actively managed to a successful go-live. In some cases we may determine a blended delivery approach made up of onsite and offshore activities to optimize resources and manage project costs.

Discovery and Data Collection

Strategic meetings with management and an onsite evaluation of your company’s needs provide the fundamental building blocks of any ERP Implementation. Early phases of digad’s Project Plan require face-to-face meetings with project sponsors, management teams and system end-users. The project benefits throughout subsequent follow-up sessions while both client and provider maintain a true reference point from the first-hand experience of gathering requirements together onsite.

Proof of Concept (POC)

While this stage is typically optional and incurs additional costs, it is critical to managing expectations of Custom Development requirements. The blended delivery model lends significant Offshore benefits to lowering the costs of producing a clear and concise picture of the solution in advance of signing off on your System Blueprint. In addition to standard requirements documentation from the onsite discovery process, the POC brings to life the benefits of unified business processes and a vision of the end-user interface.

System Build and Project Realization

Organizations who invest in a POC are least impacted by remote activities required to build and actualize the ERP solution. The same Offshore resources who built the POC can replicate several technical requirements and minimize the time, cost and risk of your largest ERP implementation phase. In addition, previous investment of onsite requirements and extra time allotted a POC build support a more concise project plan. The benefits of maintaining expectations with clearly states milestones and scheduled deliverables are invaluable at this time.

Upon completion of the system build we can clearly recognize the cornerstones of the project’s success. Time to build and realize the system for testing is typically mitigated since there are less surprises. The blended delivery will also present a mix of increased solution quality through custom development and substantial cost savings on labor intensive tasks performed by offshore resources.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Building UAT scripts and defining a plan for end users to test the system is a traditional quality of onsite consulting activities. Offshore services provide a round-the-clock experience by seamlessly addressing inherent fixes for during non-standard hours. Time is saved while testing may resume as quickly as the next day and the project’s enthusiasm continues. Again, we experience the benefits of lower cost labor and flexible hours of offshore resources during this phase of the project plan.

End User Training

Like the System Blueprint phase, the opportunity to build working relationships with project sponsors, managers and end users comes full circle during onsite training sessions. By now we’re well on our way to a successful project go-live and can recognize the cost savings of a blended ERP Implementation. Watching end users train on the system is a great time to recognize the quality of custom development.

Cut-Over and Post Go-Live Support

By now we’ve established the roles of onsite and offshore resources. Continued training sessions and in-person go-live support maintain the confidence that end-users need to change business processes and successfully use the new ERP system. Clients are now in a position to identify a support package that entertains a wish list of custom development for subsequent projects, exceeding the value of traditional break/fix only packages.

While offshore resources aren’t for everyone, a blended delivery model lends the opportunity to increase quality, save money delivering technical demands and make time adding another shift of labor to your team.


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