Is your Technology Footprint Small, Medium or Large?

How do brands and wholesalers determine their technology spending? In most cases, supply and demand will dictate how quickly a business is built. Despite the life-cycle of initial investments, even the best funded brands must define themselves, generate demand and fulfill orders in a reasonable time-frame. We explore the need for technology as the focus … Continue reading “Is your Technology Footprint Small, Medium or Large?”

Using Kaizen Process to Design a Sample ERP System

How the Kaizen approach to business process, systems analysis and designing a new Sample ERP System promotes creative solutions. How would you design a Sample ERP System for your company? The notion that everything is broken, suggesting a rip and replace tactic for an all-in-one shiny solution, is offensive to most any established organization. In … Continue reading “Using Kaizen Process to Design a Sample ERP System”

Embracing the Simplicity of Sample Orders

How easily can your brand entertain new product development ideas? Does your order entry system allow your sales reps and production lines to easily process sample orders? digad’s make-to-order (MTO) interface allows sales reps to customize sample orders that meet the basic criteria of production and vendor standards. Critical to the ApparelAD ERP solution, reps … Continue reading “Embracing the Simplicity of Sample Orders”

How much should your startup spend on IT Systems?

Everybody knows that startups have a balance of “for now” and “with a vision”, but what does that really mean when it comes to your technical infrastructure? Today’s tech community offers a number of affordable startup tools and eagerly entertain frugal budgets. The eye-opener is when early-stage expansion, typical of organic growth, and realized costs to scale are too much. Also in later stages, disruptive changes to the workforce present undue risk to existing operations. In our assessment, we entertain startup budgets of early business survival stages and navigate the